Mit uns zum Weltbürger werden

Lust dich mit jungen Aktivisten aus Malaysia, Großbritannien, Indonesien, Pakistan, Saudi-Arabien, Malawi, Indien, Ghana, Deutschland und Polen zu vernetzen? Bist du neugierig darauf dich mit Interkulturalität, Menschenrechten, Kommunikation und nachhaltiger Entwicklung praktisch auseinanderzusetzen? Arbeitest du gern in Gruppen und kreativ? Dann nutz deine Chance und werde Teilnehmer oder Teilnehmerin unseres Projektes „Living in One World“, welches vom 16.09.-29.09.2017 im EuroCamp am Helenesee stattfindet. Verpflegung und Unterkunft sind inkl. Du brauchst also nur gute Laune und dein Interesse. Wenn du interessiert bist teilzunehmen, dann melde dich bei uns. Gemeinsam werden wir Weltbürger.

Protocol meeting 26.04.2014

Sommercamp 2014
– new members from Slubice; Monika and Paulina
– preparation meeting 23. – 25.05., only Kompetenzteam will participate; topics will be i.a. organisation in general, workshops and conference
– partcipants for sure: France, Bulgaria, Heilbronn, Gorzow, Belarus, Ukraine (if the political situation is not dramatically changing), Italy and Toni from Finland
– fixed program points: Stay in Gorzow, visit of Berlin
– visit of concentration camp Sachsenhausen, NOT Ravensbrück
– presentation of this year conference results not in our townhall
– search for some participants from Frankfurt if possible = advertising (notice boards at schools?)

11. – 13.7. Bunter Hering 11 – 18 o’clock

– participation Kompetenzteam: Wishtree and Europe game for kids at pewobe stand
– Wishtree: Every participant in further projects will get his own flag, which he has to style creatively
– Europe game

30.08. Kleine Parknacht

New German-Polish network: Frankfurt-Slubice-Network
– citizen forum
– Next Meeting 23.06.2014, 19.00, SMOK
– Anybody, who may be interested, may come


Meeting 01.11.2013

Main points:

– Evaluation of the visit of the Basques -> We need to decide how to plan projects, who to handle crises, how to evolve our internal communication
– Plan: Structure workshop: 09.11. (more information on FB)
– Next meeting: 29.11., 19 Uhr

Meeting 18.10. 2013

Main points:

– 15.11.2013 Euro League Eberswalde, 8-17 Uhr, the Eurocamp is looking for youngsters who could help during the event (contact person: Mr. Treptow)
– possible: 9. – 11.5.2014 Straßburg, European Youth Event in the European parliament. More information:
– 27.10. – 02.11.2014: Visit of the Basques, Problem: Program is still uncertain
– Presentation of the Youth Leadership projekt: 2 new ideas. 1. Meetingpoint for German and Polish youngsters. 2. Picknick for Germans and Poles.
– Discussion about the structure of the Kompetenzteam (to be continued)
– To do: Check FB-group -> Who is still active, who should be delated?

Meeting 13.08.2013

Main points:

– 21.08.2013 Townhall Frankfurt: Meeting “Lokaler Aktionsplan”
– 13.09.2013: U-18-Wahl (Mikado), 8-18 Uhr
– During the autumnholidays: 1. week City Twin-Camp, topic Youth Participation; 2. week (6.10. – 13.10.) Youth Leadership
– 26. – 29.9. Anniversary of the city-partnership between Frankfurt and Heilbronn, in Heilbronn
– To do: Preparation of a paper about copyright and portraits rights for photos (aspecially for our blog)