Call for Participants: Meet-Up!

Youth Exchange: Meet Up Eco-Logical: Educated, Competent, Open-minded

With this project, we would like to stress that the responsibility for the ecological situation concerns every individual person, but only acting together we can save our planet. We are going to talk about the everyday lives of people from Ukraine and Germany and how it influences on the environmental situation. In this part, we will fabricate upcycling products. Through the project, participants will experience how to use creativity for a change.


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First Lego League Cooperation

In 2017 and 2018 we were supporting the cooperation in the so called MINT-field (MINT: Mathematics, Informatics, Nature Sciences/Engineering and Technic) in the Euroregion Pro Europa Viadrina. Together with our Polish partners from Gorzow and Poznan we implemented a First Lego League! In this competition young people came together to improve their Lego devices with a lot of technic to fulfill several task. Referees then evaluated it and declared the winner. But of course: we are all winners by taking part in this awesome event!

From 7.-8th of December 2017 the first half of the project took place in Frankfurt (Oder) in the EuroCamp Am Helenesee. The second half was then from 13.-14th of January 2018 in Gorzow.

We learned a lot and made new friends. You can find a video report here:

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