German-French week in Nîmes


Visit of the sister city Nîmes


12. – 16. March 2013


From the competenceteam: Manuela, Julia, Klaudia, Franziska

Other: photographer Winfried Mausolf, mayor of Slubice Tomasz Ciszewicz (aka Zitzewitz), Heidi, Klaus, mayor of Frankfurt Martin Wilke, Uwe, Claudia Tröger,


Occasion was the German-French Week

What happened?
As delegation of the city of Frankfurt (Oder) we took part in the official events of the German-French Week in Nîmes. This included an exhibition and various presentations. We also opened an exhibition of photographer Winfried Mausolf from Frankfurt about the sistercitys Frankfurt and Slubice. Our “witnesses” Heidi and Klaus reported the beginnings of the partnership, Mr. Ciszewicz added statements about the cooperation with Frankfurt. Besides a sightseeingtour the Mayor of Nîmes invited us to an official meeting in the townhall. During the whole week, also representatives from Nîmes second German sister city, Brunswick, were on the spot.

The competence team met besides the official events with former participants of the summer camp. The aim was to present those young people the idea of a competence team. Therefore we had previously made contact with an organization similar to the Pewobe, who could step in as a host for the team. Kerstin Tischendorf is our contact person, a German expatriate who seemed very interested and engaged. We also made contact with the young people around Victor. Together we met several times and discussed a possible team, what tasks they could take over (e.g. Help in the summer camp) and how we could keep in touch.

What remains unforgotten?
In Paris, where we had to change form plan to train on the way to Nîmes, it was snowing so no trains went to north, south, east or west. The group Julia, Klaudia, Heidi, Winnie, Tomasz and Franziska thus spent a night in a “nice” hostel in Paris (keyword: Only one towel per group).
Furthermore, the French and German people had problems with the pronunciation of the last name of the Polish mayor. He took it with humor when he was shortly called Zitzewitz.

In the media?

Articles in the newspaper “Märkische Oderzeitung”

Klaus took photos:

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