Protocol meeting 26.04.2014

Sommercamp 2014
– new members from Slubice; Monika and Paulina
– preparation meeting 23. – 25.05., only Kompetenzteam will participate; topics will be i.a. organisation in general, workshops and conference
– partcipants for sure: France, Bulgaria, Heilbronn, Gorzow, Belarus, Ukraine (if the political situation is not dramatically changing), Italy and Toni from Finland
– fixed program points: Stay in Gorzow, visit of Berlin
– visit of concentration camp Sachsenhausen, NOT Ravensbrück
– presentation of this year conference results not in our townhall
– search for some participants from Frankfurt if possible = advertising (notice boards at schools?)

11. – 13.7. Bunter Hering 11 – 18 o’clock

– participation Kompetenzteam: Wishtree and Europe game for kids at pewobe stand
– Wishtree: Every participant in further projects will get his own flag, which he has to style creatively
– Europe game

30.08. Kleine Parknacht

New German-Polish network: Frankfurt-Slubice-Network
– citizen forum
– Next Meeting 23.06.2014, 19.00, SMOK
– Anybody, who may be interested, may come