Kompetenzteam visiting Nîmes

By Filip Kudzia

In November Kompetenzteam was invited by Nîmes to talk about sommercamp in the future.

13.11-16.11. 2014
Representatives of Frankfurt (Oder) relative youth affairs Sören and Heike and Kompetenzteam: Manuela, Pauline, Marlene, Marcela, Filip, Kuba, Julia, Monika, Wioletta.

From which countries did the people come?
Germany, Poland, France.
We went there to improve the relations with our partner town Nîmes, to talk about new actions and get to know the community.

What happened?
14.11.2014 some participants of Sommercamp 2014 and representatives of both cities met in Youth Centre in Nîmes.
What did we talk about?
Representatives of Nîmes and Frankfurt (Oder) were talking about Sommercamp in the future and youth actions.

What will stay in our memories?
Everything will stay in our memerioes because it was the best trip we’ve ever been and we will never forget it. But for sure the flight was a big experience for us. We will never forget also thousands of pictures before Eiffel Tower and driving by very fast TGV. We were all impressed about Nîmes. This is a city with beautiful history and architecture.

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