Youth Leadership – Academy for Active Youth Participation

By Marcela Masina

The Youth Exchange “Youth Leadership – Academy for Active Youth Participation“ supported the skills of us – young people that are needed to active youth participation and can be used in our local and international activities.This youth exchange took place in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany in October 2014. The aim was to develop a project together that will start a transnational youth initiative. We did it! We made an international project “T.A.D. Together Against Discrimination”.The way to archive this goal wasn’t easy and led through many activities and workshops in which we had the change to get to know better the different Leadership Styles, Processes of Decision Making, Public Speaking and Project Management. This intercultural cooperation was possible throughout the exchange of 30 young people from organizations from Great Britain, Macedonia, Poland, Germany, Tunisia and Turkey. Thank to this project we can put “T.A.D. – Together Against Discrimination” into practice.
During the project, we – young people, have also a lot of fun and now we have a lot of good memories. In our free time, we were able to organize a Halloween party, Farewell party, visit Frankfurt (Oder) and just to speak with people from another culture and get to know them better.

More about the idea of the project “Together Against Discrimination” you can find by following the links below: